Episode 12: The Body Image Movement… Have you “EMBRACED”?

Your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams! That’s the message Taryn Brumfitt is spreading throughout the world with her body image movement. This interview will help us explore where self-loathing, or the negative voices inside our head regarding our body image, impedes us. You will be sure to walk away feeling empowered and have gained a whole new appreciation of saggy breasts, flabby stomachs, cellulite and wrinkles.

GUEST NAME: Taryn Brumfitt

GUEST BIO: Taryn Brumfitt is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and the fiercely passionate thought leader behind The Body Image Movement. Through “solution-based” activism, speaking engagements and media appearances worldwide, Taryn is dedicated to spreading the message that our bodies are more than ornaments ? they are the vehicles to achieving our dreams.

GUEST URL: https://www.tarynbrumfitt.com/