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About Abby Moneyhun

Abby considers herself first and foremost a mother, which she fondly states is the hardest yet most fulfilling “job” she’s ever had. She is also co-founder of MESSCO, and other “Moneyhun Companies” which included throughout the years manufacturing,  installation and maintenance of oil and gas production equipment, trucking services and real estate investment.

MESSCO was founded in 1998, and is considered her “favorite” Moneyhun Company, because the teams there created multiple patented technologies which literally change the air quality of the planet.  These products remove 99.9% of VOC's, hydrocarbons and BTEX which are dangerous carcinogenic emissions created during the natural gas dehydration process, oil tank storage and the flaring of natural gas. She has also created/co-created other companies including SYZYGY, Trahidri, 12th House Media, and High Vibe TV.


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Numerology & Galactic Code

Who are you at a soul level, and what is your divine birthright? In your numerology and galactic code intuitive reading, you will gain clarity about your most powerful assets, as well as your individual “superpowers.”

You will learn about areas which may potentially be holding you back. You will learn tricks and tools to convert what may seem to be negatives quickly into positives, so you can activate your own inner knowing and continue on with your human experience according to your divine blueprint.

Intuitive Clarity Sessions

What is your current challenge? Let’s explore together because the clarity you seek is available to you.

In your intuitive clarity session, we’ll delve into areas you wish to explore and work together to create specific mental tools and tricks which will enable you to reframe your mindset and relax into the situations you’re concerned about. As our session concludes you will feel the confident clarity you desire. Your divine knowing will be activated, and you will be tapped into your own internal guidance system.

Lightworker Renewal

Are you a professional coach, healer or lightworker? I believe your gifts are truly needed right now which is why I offer these sessions at a discounted rate.

When you speak to me about your specific current challenge, I am able to communicate with the frequency of what you may actually be experiencing.

We will go straight to the crux of the matter so you feel deep restoration and knowing. You will feel revitalized and empowered to continue on your path with EXUBERANCE.

Business Levity Sessions

Having built several multi-million dollar businesses myself, I know first-hand the experience of flying high success as well as scary financial hardships. I also know every problem has a solution.

I have worked with billionaires, celebrities, and business owners at every stage of growth. I combine my intuitive gifts, open listening, and business acuity to help you navigate your business challenge and tap back into your natural state of easeful prosperity.

Listening to Your Bullshit

Haha! Made you look. But seriously, if you’re looking for someone to listen to all the reasons you can’t have what you say you want, here’s the deal. I can do that for you, but it’s $2000 per hour.

If, on the other hand, you truly want to experience deep activation and transformation for who you are really here to be in the world, check out the other offerings (that’s a much better use of our time together, and much more affordable too).

Private VIP Days & Retreats

For those desiring a deep immersion experience, private retreats and VIP days are the most intimate level of support I offer.

Spend a day in my Montana sanctuary where you are my one and only focus for your stay, join a group of other dear humans in my home in Cabo and other beautiful destinations around the world, or bring me in as a guest facilitator at your own retreat to support your best clients.

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"What Abby taps into is almost other-worldly."

"I was able to look into some places for my own healing that I had not looked at before."

"I could not have imagined where this session would take me, and it was profound."