Have you been experiencing symptoms like dizziness? forgetfulness? Vision changes? Seeing flashes of light? Feeling heart palpitations? Hearing ringing in your ears? You’re not going crazy! These are just some of the so-called “ascension symptoms” individuals have been experiencing, but may not understand.

There is a simple explanation for what they are feeling. Others have experienced full-on spontaneous kundalini awakenings and feel like they have lost their ever-loving minds. Symptoms can include feeling like “electricity” is pulsing thru your body or intense colors flashing thru your brain … sound intensifies … your skin can feel like it’s crawling or you don’t know where you are in a moment, and the list continues.

In today’s episode Abby will speak with someone who had a spontaneous awakening. Tune in to see how she has dealt with it, and join the conversation as they discuss mental health, emotional health and spiritual well-being.