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The Molecular Transformation Meditation Series

Abby Confident Kind

Welcome, Dear Human

Are you ready to transmute lower frequencies, connect deeply with your own divine source energy, and recalibrate to true possibility, knowing, and peace at a cellular level? I thought so.

I'd love to send you a series of my favorite meditations.

I recorded these for you, because you are a divine being just as you are; no exceptions. These meditations will support you to deactivate what no longer works for you, and reactivate what has been hidden inside your secret self all along.

Come on the journey, honor the sanctity of your holy inner temple, and access a new level of YOU.

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Your Meditation Series Includes:

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Release lower frequencies that have been holding you back, and replace them with divine truth. You will feel your molecules dancing as you calibrate to the holy divinity of YOU.

Anxiety Meditation

The element of water will guide your way into ease and relaxation so you can surrender into the motion and the movement of the day, rather than feeling tossed around by the waves of life.

Sleep Meditation

Let your body go into a healing trance as you release all of the tensions, concerns, and stresses of the day, and come into alignment with your own sacred cocoon of energy.

Inhale Exhale Meditation

You are a human on this planet that can actually take a breath. Yes, breathe. Open your heart, open your cells, consciously breathe... and watch the miracles flow in.

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