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Testimonial Joe

"Having spent several weeks of my life with groups of people, with and around Abby Moneyhun on Sir Richard Branson’s island, and in Mel Gibson’s home in Costa Rica, I find her to be one of the most intuitive, caring, funny, playful and connected people you’ll ever meet. If you get an opportunity to meet Abby or at least learn from her… it may help you have a far deeper experience of your life."

— Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network and Genius Recovery

"Every time I meet Abby it’s like a bright ray of sunshine.
She is a rare combination of wisdom, wit and warmth rolled into one."

— Roger Hamilton, Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute
& Author of NYT Bestseller, The Millionaire Masterplan

Testimonial Roger
Testimonial Mackenzie

"Abby is so in touch with the human soul. Her intuition provides a unique insight that allows one to transcend today and see possibility for tomorrow. I remember the first time I met Abby I walked away feeling more empowered than ever before, totally renewed."

— Mackenzie Richter

"Abby has this unique mix of savvy business sense and cosmic consciousness. My favorite conversations with her are never about the way her business has grown but how we can fully live authentic lives, true to the greatest work we’re putting out into the world.

In fact, one of our annual trips to Necker Island, I nicknamed her the “hot tub prophet” as I witnessed several individuals have epiphanies after spending time with her in the giant hot tub we all love to congregate in.

In true Abby fashion, she even called me out on the deeper spiritual focus and greater vision I was stepping into with my work before I was even totally sure."

— Yanik Silver, Author and Founder of Evolved Enterprise and Founder of Maverick1000

Testimonial Yanik
Testimonial Lori

"Abby is a wise intuitive, numerology expert, and soul reader. She did a reading for me during a retreat in the Dominican Republic and was bang on.

I take horoscopes, numerology, and such with a grain of salt, but what Abby taps into is almost other-worldly.

She is an old soul with so much wisdom and it’s always a pleasure to be in her presence!"

— Lori Losch, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and 3 x Bestselling Author

"I was serendipitously guided into Abby's world after the devastating loss of a very dear loved one. We talked for a long time as she listened to me with her intuitive senses and attention to synchronicities and her adept numerological understanding.

I was able to look, with her help into some places for my own healing that I had not looked at before.

We had some fantastic results. I am a spiritual healer and Reiki Master Teacher for over 25 years. I thank the Great Spirit for Abby in my life."

— A. M. Angelovic

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Testimonial Pamelah Landers

"Abby, when others are in your presence physically or talking with you on Facetime or the phone, or even watching a podcast of you, your energy activates in them "divine desire." Once they have experienced that energy with you, it's very difficult for them to focus on or put energy into things that are not their "divine desire."

Other people don't produce this same feeling and alignment. Thus, people seeking your presence and connection are asking for a deeper level of truth about their relationship with the actual desires that are calling them. Not the mental ones. The deep, soul desires. The divine desires.

Every time we connect, a desire is brought to the surface. After one of our interactions, my guidance shared with me that owning my artistry, that I am an artist, would benefit me hugely. It's a divine desire. And I do fully own that now."

— Pamelah Landers, Expert Master Hand Analyst

"I’ve known Abby for over 10 years and have always appreciated the unique wisdom and insight she has to offer. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur since 1997 but have recently been facing some serious financial challenges in my business. In the midst of these challenges, I was led to reach out to Abby. It definitely took courage to do that because I knew that in order for her to help me, I was going to have to lay things on the line and openly share with her about the problems I was facing. That’s exactly what I did, and the insight she had to offer in return was so valuable.

From where I was sitting, the challenges I was facing seemed monstrous. Abby asked specific questions of me so she could gain context on my situation and did it in a way that immediately made me feel more relaxed and at peace with what was going on. She let me know that I had the power and capability to transform what was going on and then gave me a specific process to begin using for this purpose.

Through this process, revenues have already improved. But more importantly, I’ve come to realize that I have the power to transform any situation in my life or business. Thanks so much for your help and insight Abby. I so appreciate you and wanted to share this experience with anyone else who may benefit from hearing about it."

— Kevin Thompson, Maximum Response Marketing

Testimonial Kevin
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"When I want to relax I listen to your videos. You are very soothing to my psyche."

— Diane Hill

"Abby is a visionary who sees straight into your highest potential, with unconditional love. She has held space for me to step into bigger versions of myself, even just by listening with the presence of who she is. She's completely magical!"

— Amrita Khalsa

Testimonial Amrita
Testimonial Anne

"During a time when I was really diving into my life direction, Abby guided me on a lucid exploration of the question, 'Where am I from and why am I here?' I could not have imagined where this session would take me, and it was profound.

The information I received was not surface level “next steps,” but rather brought a deep sense of knowingness and peace around my purpose. Years later, the recording of our session together is still priceless to me."

— Anne Perry

"Abby is a gifted, intuitive, and awake woman. She has rocked more than one world, including mine, with her piercing insight and her loving and courageous way of telling the truth.

Sometimes what she shares wakes you up in a moment. Sometimes she shares something that years later hits you, and you realize she was spot on and wish you had listened sooner. If you are someone who values clarity and craves answers, go to Abby."

— Tracy Harward

Testimonial Tracy
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"I can't believe it hasn't even been a week since we met.
Whatever got activated is changing my life!"

— Susan

"I have known Abby for about 9 years since we met on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for a Maverick Business summit. I was very impressed with her passion for business and life.

Abby’s ability to combine business savvy, great communication with giving back and helping others is great.

Abby's heart and empathy shines through all. If you have a chance to connect with her, I highly recommend it."

— Tourism Tim Warren

Testimonial Tourism Tim
Maria Carter Testimonial

"Abby is a beacon of loving energy and potent intuitive wisdom. She is unique in how she blends her dimensions as a dynamic and down-to-earth entrepreneur and a spirited soulful guide. Abby radiates positivity, kindness and stylish spunk. She nurtures and uncovers the beauty in all those she meets.

Abby has helped me, my husband and even my parents through her instinct and joy in translating numerology and galactic code reading with clarity and insight. She makes the ethereal, accessible. She makes you feel more brilliant and alive after spending time with her.

Abby lasers in on what your natural way of being is, and simple ways to grow more deeply into who you are here to be with confidence. She both models it and shares it through a deep understanding and years of personal practice in a variety of spiritual and scientific teachings.

I respect and admire Abby so much as a guide in business, in womanhood and in life. When you hear or meet Abby... her delightful laugh, her spark-filled blue eyes, and her honest words..she simply captivates.

After a session with Abby, you just want to smack your forehead, and say "OMG, it's like you've understood me your whole life."

— Maria Carter

"Abby has helped me find my way in this beautiful universe with her numerology, the tools and her wisdom. Abby led me to believe I can love myself for who I am and enjoy every moment I have in this world. I am grateful we have crossed paths on this journey of life."

— Heather

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Testimonial Matt

"Abby is a wonderful soul, wonderful person, and has a wonderful spirit energy she brings around people.

I met Abby several years ago on Necker Island on an entrepreneur retreat, and she immediately commanded the room with her presence and really helped bring everyone up to a higher level of thinking.

Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to remain friends with Abby over the years and I can’t say enough great things about her. She is someone you can call and analytically think about things, she’s adventurous, she’s accomplished a lot of things herself, and she’s also a good sounding board.

Abby, you’re an amazing person, I’m so lucky to have you be part of my life. You are a difference maker."

— Matt Patton

"I love hearing Abby's wisdom. She has a unique perspective and voice because everything that she shares is grounded in personal experience. She doesn't talk in platitudes or theory she shares from her daily experience as a spiritual being living a human experience. She is gentle yet powerful, and I feel very lucky to know her and learn from her."

— Bernadette Doyle

Bernadette Testimonial
Jennifer Testimonial

"I want you to know how much you helped me change my life. The short amount of time I got to spend with you was so freeing and transforming. I just feel at peace and happy, it’s incredible!! You are truly an amazing soul."

— Jennifer Conner

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